Welcome to the Grand Union Vineyard Church

No matter your background. No matter how you feel about yourself. No matter your race, your gender, your age, your ability or disability, your class, your income level. No matter if you are employed, unemployed, or unemployable. No matter if you are Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, or Jedi. No matter if you are hurt, broken, or lost...

You are welcome here.

We are a community of people from the great city of Milton Keynes and the surrounding area that are on a journey together as we seek what God has for each of us. We are passionate about our city.

We are one of many great churches in Milton Keynes, each has its own unique flavour and we hope you find all the information you need from us here.

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The Lost son. Luke 15:11-32.