A Broken Person Makes a Difference

What’s Happening at GUV;

Weekly - Fridays - GUVyouth Friday Night Social - Netherfield Campus - 19:00 to 21:00
Weekly - Sundays - Sunday Evening Service - Netherfield Campus - 16:30 to 18:00

Simply worship
Sunday 13th - Simply Worship - Netherfield Campus - 19:30
     Two hours of worship.  Come and experience intimacy with the Father in Worship.

Guest Speakers
Steve and Tammy Gee are the new Vineyard Regional Overseers and we have the privilege of having them come to speak at both services on Sunday January the 20th. They have been an incredible support to us at GUV and we hope you will enjoy hearing them preach. Steve will be at Monkston and Netherfield will host Tammy!

Thursday 24th January - Alpha Launch Dinner: - Venue is at Chris Morley's House - 19:30
     Alpha is a series of videos and discussion that is aimed at allowing people to discuss Faith. It is an excellent course for those who are searching.  Please invite or friends to our Launch dinner.
     Please RSVP the Church Office via 01908 233 725 or guv@grandunionchurch.org

Union Group Electives
February 4th, 11th and 18th - Venue and times tbc
     Our Union groups will be taking a break in February for us to come together to search deeper into our faith
The two topics are: -
     Ministering Like Jesus - A look at how we can learn to be “Naturally Supernatural” and minister in the way Jesus.
     Raising Resilient Children - This interactive course will look at raising resilient children.  We will look at three areas – Children, Teens and Those with learning difficulties


A Broken Person Makes a Difference

William was a sickly child with poor eye sight.  In fact, his whole life he struggled with his health.  His years at Cambridge have were “Hedonistic”.  He eventually went into politics.  He was disorganised and frequented the gentleman’s gambling clubs rather than parliament. 

In 1784 he underwent a conversion.  He repented, and the change was radical.  William Wilberforce along with Evangelicals like John Newton fought for the end of Slavery.  He is known for this, but he was also involved in improving the rights of workers; prison reform and the foundation of the Society for the prevention of cruelty to Animals.

His faith informed his politics and he had a massive influence on transforming the Society.  This young man with a broken body and a history made a difference.  You and I are unlikely to go into politics, but can we have a vision for influencing our community?  Can we have a heart for this city?

Manasseh changed his community, first for evil and then for good. Crowned king of Judah at the age of twelve, he led his people astray and they did great evil for many years (2 Chronicles 33:1-9). They paid no attention to God’s warnings and so He allowed Manasseh to be taken prisoner to Babylon (vv. 10-11).

In his distress, the king humbly cried out to God who heard his plea and restored him to his kingdom (vv. 12-13). The now-reformed king rebuilt the city walls and got rid of the foreign gods (vv. 14-15). “He restored the altar of the Lord and . . . told Judah to serve the Lord, the God of Israel” (v. 16). As the people saw the radical transformation of Manasseh, so too were they transformed (v. 17).

What if we started to intentionally do one thing for our community e.g. - litter picking; Challenging Council about pollution; caring for refugees etc.  The possibilities are endless, but what is God motivating you to do in your street or neighbourhood?  DO THAT ONE THING!

As we seek God, may He transform us and so affect our communities


GUV Song list
Here is a YouTube link that has our current worship playlist.


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