You Are Not Alone

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

John 14:18

In this promise Jesus tells us what is our true identity as believers.  The very core of our lives in Christ is laid bare.  He is not going to leave us as orphans.  The disciples know that Jesus is going away, they are confused and fearful. Let's face it,  Wouldn’t you be?  Jesus’s had promised them trials of many kinds.

Into this space of fear, He gives them a promise – “I will not leave you as orphans”.  He promises that they will not be abandoned.  He will come to them.

The biggest mistake we make is to interpret this promise as something that will happen when we die and go to heaven and, in the meantime, we must just hang in there and fight our battles alone.  NO.  If we look at this verse in its context we see it is about promise of the Holy Spirit.  With the coming of the Holy Spirit, we will live with Him in the here and now.  He promises “Because I live, you will also live”.

It is important that we get it. We are not alone to live a life hanging on by our fingertips.  We are in an incredible relationship with God.  You are not an orphan just drifting -  He comes to you by the Spirit and the promised is “you in Me, and I in you”.

Friends this is the truth of what a new life in Christ really means.  You are a new creation, the old has gone.  He is in you and you are in Him.  You are not alone.  This means we can face challenges, but more than that we can go about the Fathers business.  We are called to both preach and demonstrate the Kingdom.  We are called to share the love of Christ with people but also demonstrate that love through doing the works of the Kingdom.

You are not an orphan but are His son and Daughter.  You have a purpose and a calling. Know your identity and live your identity.

What’s happening in GUV;

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No one is alone here for sure. It's all about asking people on and then doing things. It's going to help us all and we need to see it differently.