God Loves you and the World

For God So Love the World

GUV Month of Prayer: Day Fifteen 

If you would like to use the Week Three presentation as you pray at home, you can view it here.

The church is open again tonight from 7pm until 10pm. As we pray for our city, feel free to come for 30 minutes or all 3 hours! We are believing for #breakthrough.

It is so easy to say after a week of fasting (which probably have been difficult for most people), ‘Great, I have reached the end of the fasting week, well done’ and tap yourself on the shoulder.

It would be easy to just forget tomorrow that you had to give up food, Facebook, your iPad or coffee and just fall back into your ‘old ways’

But this should not be the end. This should be the beginning of your continuous relationship with God, getting to know Him better and becoming more like Jesus!

God wants an ongoing relationship with you, not just for one week. He wants you to continue in your ‘new ways’, where the focus is on Him and Him alone.

Hopefully this week God has spoken to you personally. If not then He wants too. He wants to have a relationship with you and He wants to continue to have this relationship.

In John 3 verse 16 it says For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ This is for you! God loves you and He wants to continue to love you.

He wants you to love Him and to walk this life with Him. But in this verse it also says God loves the world. He wants to love everybody living in this world.

Does the scripture from John 3 not encourage us to share this message of Jesus? The message that Jesus loves the world. If you have experiences the love of Jesus this week, you should share this. Don't keep it for yourself, share it, because Jesus has a passion for the world.

There are so many people that have not heard about God, that does not have this personal relationship with Him. God wants to have an ongoing relationship with people in the world.

We are going into next week praying for the world, the persecuted church, other Christian, people that have not heard about Jesus, all the organisations that we as GUV support. Remember during this next week, God loves you and wants to continue His relationship with you, but God also loves the world.

Let us go into next week, praying for many more people to get to know Jesus, to have this personal relationship with Him.

Have a good week! 


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