A Loving Community

I adore our church family…
And Yes, I know I am biased.

The Big weekend just gone reminded me of why I love being a part of our church family.

I adore our church family because of the people
The friends I have
The relationships I have grown over the years

I love our church family because of the things we do
It’s generosity
It’s openness

I love our church family because I believe that we are a community that chases after God.
We see stuff in the bible and go…. "Hey wait a second we want to be doing that!"

We all form communities to share things we enjoy.

You find some hobby or interest that you like. You must share it with someone else. A video on YouTube. The latest album from a favourite band. A good recipe for a cake…

Whatever it is we enjoy, we want to share it and we want to enjoy it with others.

We want to be involved in the kingdom of God. We want to enjoy what he is doing and we want to share that joy with others.

Is this exclusive to GUV?
Is this part of how I want to express my joy in community?
Can I do this wither other Church communities?

As a church community and as individuals when we reflect Jesus. When we live out the values that he’s laid out in the bible we cant help but be attractive to those who don’t know him. And we cant help but enjoy that experience.

People are attracted to Jesus.
People are attracted to people who are like Jesus even in the smallest of ways.

I’m reminded that this happens for a number of reasons:
When we’re kind and forgiving.
When we radically rely on God rather then ourselves
When we’re generous and open…
When we do this as individuals and as a larger church community.

This is why we have as a church family are involved in so many thangs.... The Storehouse, The Big Weekend, The Wellbeing Morning, GUVyouth and a host of other adventures.

We want to share what we’ve learned. What we’ve experienced with others… And we’re reminded there are no material qualifiers.

You don’t have to dress a certain way
You don’t have to attend church on a Sunday morning
You definitely don’t have to like my favourite band’s new album.

We are human and we make mistakes or get scared. Ultimately though we are stronger in a community. Having people around us that back us up. That go after the same things… It encourages us. It makes us less scared. We see others stepping out in confidence and it fills us with confidence.

The community of God is an important and beautiful thing. I know no one who has a great and active relationship with God who is not involved in a community setting.

I know no one who has come to know God separate of a Godly community.

It brings out self worth and makes us stronger as a group. Jesus was part of a strong community and set president for the community that wanted to follow in his footsteps.

I don’t know about you but I want to follow Jesus and his example. Living in a loving community that seeks God and cares for others.

Dale Small

This Week at GUV

Friday 2nd - GUVyouth. 7pm-9pm at our Netherfield Campus
Saturday 3rd - Welling being Morning. 10am-12pm at our Netherfield Campus
Saturday 3rd - GUVyouth - Girls only event. 4:30pm-9pm at our Netherfield Campus
Sunday 4th - Morning Services. 10:30am-12pm at our Monkston and Netherfield Campus



People are attracted to people who are like Jesus even in the smallest of ways.

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