Gifted: Healing and miracles


Author: Jill Gentle Date: Sunday, June 21, 2015 Campus:

Whats you Miracle Moment (M&M's)
Reminder of this series – GIFTED. Looking at various spiritual gifts. Gifts that God freely gives to his followers. 
  •  Already looked at: wisdom and prophecy.
  •  Still to look at: faith, gift of tongues (speaking in other language) and gift of knowledge.
Healing and miracles.
We are basing this series on what Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12. Paul wrote to a church. This 
was written after Jesus had been alive, died and rose again. So, Paul was writing to the new 
believers, to support, encourage, teach and train them. Pauls purpose for writing was to instruct 
and guide the church in its weak areas. Useful for us today to instruct and inspire. 
 It’s like the head of the vineyard church (or Gareth’s boss) writing to us. Let’s read from the 
Bible from 1 Corinthians 12, to see what Paul said to the members of the church in Corinth.
 The word ‘same’ is mentioned at least 6 times...
- 1 Corinthians 12 v 4-11
- 1 Corinthians 12 v 27 – 13 v 3
3 key points to pull from the above Bible verses
 All the gifts are meant to build up the Christian community. To build up our church. Not for 
selfish ambition or personal gain, but for encouraging and building up each other. We are going 
to use the gift of healing for encouraging and building up today.
 God longs for the gifts to be used with LOVE. God is love, God is gentle, God is kind. That is how he wants us to use these gifts – in love. Nothing to be scared about. They are an out working of love. They help us demonstrate love for each other. 
God gives to each as He determines. Please don’t compare yourselves to one another. You are 
unique. We all have our own set of gifts that will be different to the person sitting next to us. 
You may have never received the gift of healing. Don’t worry, there are people in our church 
who have. Eagerly desire the gifts yes, but remember we can’t function without each other.
 1 Corinthians 14 v 1 eagerly desire spiritual gifts...
Healing and miracles. Jesus healed in the Bible. Name some miracles....
 Through the Holy Spirit, we can be healed supernaturally too. We can see God working  supernaturally. The Bible tells us that we will do the things that Jesus did. 
 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all 
creation.16Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but  whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” (MARK 16 v 15 – 18) NB: This was after Jesus had risen from the dead and was talking to his disciples. We are disciples of Jesus today and we hold the same commandment.
Summary – the Bible tells us that we can have the gift of healing in our lives today.
Either to
(a) receive healing and miracles in our life OR (b) pray for people to be healed.
We will explore this topic by interviewing 4 people in GUV – a medical professional (Colin), 
someone who has seen emotionally healing (Charlie), someone else who has been healed of 
spiritual brokenness (Rachel) and another who has been healed physically (Gareth). So we will 
start with Colin, then Charlie, then Rachel, then Gareth.
Sit back and listen to these 4 stories and ask what God is saying to you today.
If you don’t remember much from today, please just remember two letters (M and M). A little 
freebie to help you remember those two letters (give out chocolate). 
You have had and you will have Miracle Moments in your life (M and M). I can confidently say 
that 99% (if not 100%) of you have had miracles in your life. 
Stick the packet somewhere obvious. Somewhere you will see it every day. Where do you 
mostly go to pray/read your Bible? On your bed? Particular chair. Sellotape it on to your office 
wall. Bedroom door. If you can’t resist in eating them, sellotape the empty packet up there. 
Eat one each time you have a Miracle Moment? How much do we eagerly desire chocolate?
We need to learn to recognise those Miracle Moments in our lives. Think of the letters M and M 
and remember to look out for those Miracle Moments. Have a M and M notebook. 
Open it and eat it each time you have a miracle moment. Then you will be eagerly looking for 
them and expecting them in your life, cuz the treat/reward will be a chocolate.
First point – miracles are not necessarily always dramatic, but they are always unexplainable  occurrences. Good things (and God things) that have happened to you out of the blue. Can’t 
understand how or why. Might be a physical thing like a healing where pain has gone away. 
Might be a job that you got which completely blew you away at why they would ask you to do it. 
Might be a relationship issue that was resolved after years of breakdown or it might be a money issue where there has been provision come from nowhere, a cure that could’t be explained by 
doctors.. Sure, some of these things can be down to our personal effort, but sometimes we can 
spot ‘miracle moments’ that just happened.
 My LSE story – Out the blue, got a phone call one Sunday night from a professor at LSE. Asking me if I had time to do some short term contract work with them, as a lecturer. On my knees thanking God for this new opportunity. 
Next – Encourage each other with Miracle Moments that have happened in our own lives....
Fact – Miracles and healings happened in the Bible.
Question – Do they happen today? The Bible says that we have the same power that Jesus had 
and although you might not have used the gift of healing personally, there are definitely people 
in this church who have the gift of healing. They have prayed for people and they have got 
better. But, with so much more medical advancement today, can we really say it’s God healing, not medicine? Can God heal us emotionally is it what the doctors prescribe?
I thought that’s a good question to ask a doctor
STORY ONE: Dr Colin Parsloe (show video - recorded last Monday)
Jill introduction
I asked Colin in our church...should we trust God for our healing, or trust doctors for our healing? 
So, here’s my chat with him, starting with a bit of background on what he does in his day to day life. 
Colin – Video Clip One
What do you do in your work, as a Doctor?
I am an ophthalmologist. I work mainly with eyes. I trained in South Africa. I did more varied work in S.Africa, such as delivered babies, caesareans and other ops. I am now looking only at 2.5cm of the eye. 
How does it make you feel when people trust God for their healing?
It’s wonderful. It’s great. I believe that God uses me as an instrument. God has given us the ability to learn. Part of God’s blessing is to give us the modern medicine we have. I enjoy using the skills I have to heal people. I feel that I am trying to link to God’s knowledge and wisdom to help people. God can heal us with modern medicine and in supernatural ways, or a combination of both.
Do we know all there is to know about the human body?
No! Medical knowledge doubles every 5 yrs. At the start of studying, I thought I would know it all after 8 years of studying. For example, I really wanted to know what made a thought, but we still don’t know. 
There are theories that it is a protein on an enzyme on the edge of DNA in our brain cell, but we don’t actually know. Anybody who studies the body - how can they not believe in God? It is so amazing. It’s all too intricate. How can the lense, eye lid and tear form spontaneously, with light coming in from behind? 
Having studied the body, it makes me believe more. I just want to be an instrument that God uses to help people. It’s wonderful when people pray for healing. 
So, with all the complications of the human body, do you still think God can heal?
God put it together in the first place. He understands how it works. If he wants to heal us miraculously he can. If he wants to heal us through medicines or through our immune system, he can. If he wants to heal us through surgery, he can. He knows our body intimately.
Colin – Video Clip Two
If you saw a patient who was angry at God and blaming God, what would you say to them? How do you battle with that as a Christian?
God will give you the capability to go through the difficult time. He will bring people to go alongside theissue with you. Hold on to God. Don’t turn your back on God. God will supply the health and support you need. 
Have you seen examples where people have managed to get through difficult times?
Unfortunately, I have seen patients who have lost their sight. It is amazing how some people have a wonderful support of a faith, at such a time. Their outcome is a lot better for those who have faith, than for those who don’t have God to turn to. 
My Summary: 
- A doctor who has spent 7-8 yrs in learning to heal people, still believes that God can heal us. The knowledge of medical professionals is wonderful and I’m sure many of us can testify to that, but limited. He has seen God at work in his medical field. 
- Ultimately, we need to trust God – yes, go to the doctors, get prayer and seek God for healing. 
God can heal us through doctors or in supernatural ways. 
- God may ‘allow’ difficult times. God will give us the ability to go through difficult times, if we keep our eyes focused on Jesus. That is the key. Our next story is a living example of 
STORY TWO: Charlie Lincoln
Tell us a bit about what has been happening in your life in the past few months....
Car got broken into, work tools stolen, car crashed into by a police chase and written off, bed bugs, completely redecorated the entire upstairs, new furniture, washed everything twice, car crashed into outside your house, mice in the bath, suicidal thoughts, etc, etc.
Have you seen any evidence of God healing you or any miracles along the way?
When the thoughts started I was asking hourly for people to pray for me and the difference I felt 
when I was being prayed for, was amazing.
What would you say to others who are in the ‘before miracle’ place, struggling to find God or hear God in a particular part of their life?
I know God is with me and the more I found I read the bible, the reductions of my thoughts is massive. God won't leave you don't give up on anything he has a plan for you and he loves you.
How did your miracle and breakthrough come about?
I was learning to trust in God, no matter what. 
STORY THREE: Rachel Elliston (show video - recorded last Friday)
Jill introduction
Sometimes our healing can be emotional, physical or spiritual. Charlie showed us an example of emotional healing (bad thoughts). We are going to move on to someone who has experienced spiritual healing. Someone who couldn’t connect with God, couldn’t hear God and spiritually broken 
– God revealed himself and showed her again that He loves her, has a purpose for her and that He hadn’t left her. Let’s listen to Rachel. She is married to Paul, with a son (Micah) who is 3 yrs old.
I wanted to ask a little more about how God had healed Rachel of that spiritual darkness she was feeling – not able to pray, not able to read her Bible, feeling unable to connect with God.
This is what she said about how God healed her...
Rachel - Video Clip One
Tell us about healing in your life, starting at the beginning where your story begins.
We came back from Peru 3.5 yrs ago. We had lived there for 3.5 yrs. We had faced difficult situations whilst working in Peru. I was there with my husband Paul. Our faith was tested. I felt abandoned by God and other people. Felt crushed, burned out and broken. In 2011, we came to Newport Pagnell, Paul had a new job, new house and we had a baby on the way. I was in a dark place. My idea of God wasn’t what it used to be. Couldn’t connect with God any more. I had started to believe a lie about God. I believed that 
God wasn’t who He said He was. God didn’t care for me. I had a dark cloud over me continuously. I was so low. My purpose had gone. What is the point in anything? I started to believe that Paul and Micah would be better off if I was dead. I knew that was wrong, but that’s what my mind was telling me. I am generally pro-life and pro-health, so this was really out of character for me. 
What happened next?
One morning in church, we were singing. Whilst worshipping, I had a vision of hte valley where we used to live in Peru, with the mountains. I saw God’s presence filling the sky. God clearly said to me I WAS THERE. 
He then said I AM WHO I SAY I AM. He said REPEAT THAT. I said it. He said REPEAT IT AGAIN. God asked me to repeat it 3 times, just like Peter in the Bible. As soon as I know renounced that lie and repented of it, something tangibly lifted from me and I felt different. Another time at church, during worship, I acknowledged the anger before God. I said to God that I don’t want to agree with this, so I give this anger to you. I literally felt the anger being sucked out of me. God took a hoover and just sucked the anger out of me. I felt very different after that. 
Rachel – Video Clip Three
If someone wants healing, how can they help to pursue that with God?
Firstly, don’t give up on praying. There are many ways of praying. Secondly, don’t give up on God. If we give up on God, we are actually saying that we don’t believe God can do it and we are putting a limit on 
God. That’s not really to be found in the Bible.
Summary from Jill
- A few years ago, Rachel felt spiritually dead and even thought her family would be better off if she was physically dead. The good news came next. Through a simple gentle process. That was her miracle moment. 
- Look at the change in Rachel’s life now. She is pointing people to God and standing firm on what the Bible says. She knows that she was robbed of her freedom in Christ by believing lies and feeling disappointed. But God gently restored her, and is still doing so.
STORY FOUR: Gareth Brocklebank
- Finally, God can heal us in physical ways.
- Gareth to tell his story about his healed collapsed lung and healed back pain (finger moment).
Isaiah 55:8 says, “’My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the LORD. ‘And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine’ ” (NLT).
In another version - “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.
God has good for us, more than we can imagine. God has those miracle moments that will 
blow us away with unexplainable events that change circumstances in our lives. 
Summary – We’ve heard from Dr Colin about how God works through medicine and supernatural ways. We’ve heard from Charlie how God gave her breakthrough. We’ve heard 
from Rachel how God gave her a spiritual new life, miraculously and we’ve heard from Gareth on his physical healings. 
What are those God moments in your life, which are completely unexplainable in human terms. 
Where are you looking for a miracle moment in your life?
Ministry time for testimony and prayer....