Sunday Morning Service - Netherfield Campus

Come and Join us.


Every Sunday we meet at 10.30am, although come along a little earlier to make sure you get the coffee just when it’s been freshly brewed, still piping hot and of course tea and cake! 

There’s always a friendly face to welcome you, an info desk with all the latest from the church and the Sunday papers are also on hand if you fancy curling up on the comfy sofas before the meeting starts.

As a church we’re keen to always explore fresh ways of deepening our relationship with God, each other and our community. 

Typically each Sunday we make sure we have a time of informal worship/singing led by a band, study and teaching from theBible to explore it’s application for our lives and make sure we catch up with friends new and old over a decent cup of coffee. Prayer is always available each Sunday before, during or after the service.

The morning finishes around 12, but check out the diary section on the website for after church activities.



On Sunday, the church is managing a good audience for the sermon. All the challenges of the Baptist church and is assigned for the information. The flow of the knowledge is vital for the teaching of the souls of the people. It is spiritual in all senses and qualities for the people. The change is done for the full use of the facilities of the church for the dynamic stories for the humans.

Sunday is the best day of our week. Every Sunday we go outside and enjoy life moments and spend time with family. mostly Sunday we do breakfast in the cafe. I came from this site if you agree then see my last Sunday picture.