To Grand Union Vineyard

A CommuNity For Everyone

Church is more than a building. It is more than a uniform or a rulebook. Church is a community.
A community of people dedicated to serving each other and the new city of Milton Keynes.
We aim to love extravagantly, showing what it really means to follow the example of Jesus.


A sunlit field, with the distance blurred. The sunlight is focused  on calming green blades of grass, which are  in focus. It looks like a summer field. Silhouetted people, meeting in groups on a beach at sunset. The light is yellow and warm pink and orange.  Their  shadowed reflections are shown in the water. A 3D microscopic photo or graphic representation of the COVID-19 virus. It is a rough red sphere, with multiple green, blue and purple spikes sticking out in clusters.
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