About Us

Our vision for Grand Union Vineyard Church in a few paragraphs…

"We have been called by God to establish a dynamic, culturally relevant church within the Milton Keynes and Three Counties community. Aiming to meet people as they are, and walking with them on a journey of faith. We’re rooted in the truth of the Bible and its relevance for our lives today, loving God and loving each other, serving the poor and showing practical compassion to those around us.

We believe in genuine relationship, true accountability, creative worship, the power of the Holy Spirit and whole life discipleship. We aim to see people living in freedom, grow as followers of Jesus, develop in leadership and plant churches, as we also strive to play an effective role in the wider church.”

Vineyard Churches Statement of Faith

For more information, please read the Statement of Faith from Vineyard Churches.

Vineyard Churches background

We are part of a family of churches known as the Vineyard, there are currently around 1,500 Vineyard churches world wide. The Vineyard founded by the late John Wimber, started in the 70s with a group of people who desperately wanted more of God.

Today, the Vineyard is one of the fastest growing church-planting movements in the world. The Vineyard consists of people who, much like the early members, are ordinary people who love and serve a far-from-ordinary God. The first Vineyard church in the UK was started in 1987 in the south west London area. From there the Vineyard has grown to over 100 churches here in the UK & Ireland. Collectively we are known as Vineyard Churches (UK & Ireland).